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Masse (projet)

On the railways

Program: Redevelopment of the station, its surroundings, restoration of heritage features,

landscape treatment, urban routes, creation of the museum railway in Corsica

The station is the place par excellence of the meeting and motion, and often at times of waiting. This is a place where imagination wander. We believe that there through the operation control of Ponte Leccia, a great opportunity to give these stations a real territorial dimension.Exchange sites, but also places information.

Due to its function, the only station in the network where the two lines of railway meet, also part of the geographic location of the city, centrally located to different regions and outstanding (Castagniccia, Guisan, Balagna Valley Asco, Scala Santa Regina), the station of Ponte Leccia is an example where a new inter-modality must be developed.

At the city level, give back to this pole exchange real urban character and social development.

Consultation in March 2004 winning project

  • Type: Equipement public
  • State: Terminé
  • Year: 2013
  • City: Ponte-Leccia
  • Client: Collectivité territoriale de Corse
  • Area: 58 000 m2
  • Budget: 2 300 000 € H.T.
  • Team: Patrice GOBERT architecte & associés Siz-ix architectes