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Plan de masse

Methanisation plant in a forest

Program: Creating a center for waste recovery process by mechanical-biological digestion and composting.

The equipment maintains the valuation function, especially with two of its specific equipment (the digester and gas holder). Their volumes are deliberately located in the main façade and treated in the profile of the roof. Together, they form a line in the forest landscape.

Contribute to the development of the site, describe the limits of the operation are in open spaces (including with respect to the path of Serpoyère). The stakes go beyond the functional aspect that obviously needed as a priority and essential. They meet those of the future of this entire forest area

  • Type: Usine
  • State: Concours
  • Year: 2005
  • City: Viriat
  • Client: Organom
  • Area: 21 130 m2
  • Budget: 40 000 000 € H.T.
  • Team: Patrice GOBERT architecte & associés, P. Jacquet Architecte avec GIRUS Bet process