Equipe +Daria 1 / 10
croquis 2 / 10
jardin sous la neige 3 / 10
Panorama rouge public 4 / 10
Banc abîme 5 / 10
Land art 6 / 10
Télé 7 / 10
Les buttes rouges 8 / 10
Voir Rouge à St Petersbourg 2 9 / 10
Voir Rouge à Saint Petersbourg 1 10 / 10

Equipe +Daria

Voir Rouge in Saint-Petersbourg

Maïakovski .mp3 ]

After the International Festival of Gardens 2009, Chaumont-sur-Loire, our garden “Voi Rouge” was chosen to represent Chaumont sur Loire in the framework of the year Russie.Monochrome France. Intense Red. Relief. These three words summarize our intention. For the International Garden Festival at Chaumont sur Loire, we have a plot of 300 m2 closed. We wrote a micro landscape of hills, where everything was red flowers, soil, stones. The visitor discovered video devices and miniature painting, which emphasized the theme: environment (nature + company) deserves our vigilance. Red, the original symbol of attention, passion, life. The same theme that we adapt. In the Park of the Russian Museum, the parcel is open, free, in a majestic space of lawn and trees bordering the Neva. We are bringing in eight red impacts. Eight mounds of various sizes and heights (the wider, rounded shape of 7mX 5m, height 1, 5m, the smallest, 3m in diameter) mounds are clustered on the trees. They seem the emergence of a hidden life in the earth, a vein mountainous terrain in the horizontal landscape. One of them seems to engulf the basis of a trunk. The other approach the bench as a living wave. Sitting on the bench, the visitor hears a sound device, a mixture of voices and sounds from Russian to French, fragments of a poem can be Mayakovsky (intervention of a French sound designer). A palpitation. The facility spans the driveway and headed toward the bank of the Neva, with its red last impacts. One of them, can be distinguished from others by a texture a little crazy plant leaves and red flowers.

  • Type: Paysage
  • State: Réalisé
  • Year: 2010
  • City: Saint Petersbourg
  • Client: Musée russe
  • Area: 300 m²
  • Team: Patrice Gobert, Pascal Montel, Marie-Christine Loriers, Béatrice Tollu