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” The verticality is a human so sensitive dimension(size) as she sometimes allows to distend an image, and to give him(her) in both senses(directions), upward and downward, a considerable area(extent). ” Wrote Bachelard in the Earth and the musing of the will. Beyond the disturbing image which we build, we wish to arouse images, some questioning maybe. ” Do not we fall ceaselessly? Forward, behind, aside, of all the sides? Is there still one in top and one in bottom(stocking,bottoms,stockings)? ” Ll is not necessary to refer to Nietzche there … We place the visitor in ” full of imagery situation “, in waking dream. The playful fall which we want to stage and in vegetation, questions simply about the fragile, subjective, badly known relation, which connects(binds) our earth(ground), our ground, with the system-nature

  • Type: Paysage
  • State: Réalisé
  • Year: 2012
  • City: Chaumont sur Loire
  • Client: Festival des jardins
  • Area: 250 m2
  • Budget: 11 000€
  • Team: La Superstructure : P. Gobert, M.C. Loriers, P. Montel, B. Tollu, T. Dalcant, O.Thomas
  • Delivery: Invité spécial