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Vue facade Sud-est

Tri under the sheds

Project: construction of a sorting of 22,000 tonnes per annum offices and associated social

The future Sévignacq sorting center is located in an area where nature is present. The arrangement of buildings takes into account the topography of the land by marrying as close contours and levels of the plot.
The architecture, the main building, while taking his writing quite strong industrial, is in phase, including the movement of the roof, with very steep topography of the land. This roof, partially vegetated, and is sort of a fifth facade, views, especially from the secondary road 227.
The large translucent surfaces of the facades and roof, “break” the monolithic side, such a building. They provide natural light in the heart of the industrial process, while revealing the structure of the framework.
The concrete base stained black, the equipment sits on its site while giving the impression that the upper “float” above the seat. This contributes to the lightness of the industrial tool. Administrative offices with their wooden facades provide an echo of the surrounding forests. Their domestic aspect reduces the image of the industrial project and provides users and visitors a soothed image of the site. Treatment plant, the surroundings, the slope mainly planted lawns or flower meadow will link the equipment to the natural environment.
Finally the storm basin and fire will also be landscaped with aquatic plants, reeds and bamboo type.

  • Type: Industriel
  • State: Consultation restreinte projet lauréat terminé
  • Year: 2016
  • City: Sévignacq
  • Client: SMTD Béarn
  • Area: 7 800 m2
  • Budget: 12 000 000
  • Team: Patrice GOBERT architecte & associés avecInddigo (Toulouse) OTCEv (Pau)