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Vue depuis l'accès au site

Technical wave

Program: technical center and center of transfer, offices, associated social premises.
Situated in the industrial park of Naves, below the Trans-European, the future technical center and center of transfer of Tulle urban area, asserts its architectural insertion. By the logic staged by its setting-up in the slope, it resolves clearly the questions of circulation, functioning, economy and control of any nuisance.
A vast wave-like roof, in reference to the ground, the real fifth facade gives its coherence to the set(group).
The main entities of the program (transfer of the waste, the maintenance and the car park are implanted in East-west horizontal bands, marrying in closer contour lines.
The program requires on surface and precise in functioning drove us to a global reflection to bring an answer to closer in the expectations of the client (functional, economic project, integrated) well with possibilities of extension

  • Type: Usine
  • State: Réalisé
  • Year: 2014
  • City: Naves
  • Client: Tulle Agglo
  • Area: 4 600 m2
  • Budget: 3 530 000 € H.T
  • Team: P. Gobert architectes et associés, SCP Langeau Vignal Souffron, Architectes associés, Inddigo, ARS Ingénierie, L.A.I (fluides), Déloménie, économiste.
  • Delivery: Mission complète