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vue depuis Clichy résidence Olympe

Recycling at the edge of périph'

Note architectural and landscape synthesis
The sorting center in Paris Batignolles will value every year 37,000 tons of waste from neighboring municipalities and arrondissements.
The location of this necessary equipment gives it a particular urban status. Indeed, it is in the heart of an active and ambitious neighborhood in terms of urban and environmental design; it voisinera with the Judicial City (and DRPJ TGI) today starts.
In this highly motivating context, the stakes are both urban, technical and environmental.
The architecture responds by massing gently, with an overlay functions (industrial, tertiary) that allows, in addition to efficient operation, managing the sequences of perceptions – in the atmosphere of the street, or later , the train, the device, tall buildings (TGI).
A palette of natural materials (planted wall, wood, concrete), a vegetable accompaniment (front, stand, micro garden street, bioclimatic greenhouse, planted roof) and photovoltaic roof refine the sensors about energy conservation.

  • Type: industriel
  • State: Concours
  • Year: 2015
  • City: Paris
  • Client: Syctom
  • Area: 23 314
  • Budget: 55 000 000
  • Team: P.Gobert Architecte & associés, Inddigo, Terrabilis, Chantiers Modernes, Ebhys, Sita IDF