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Living in motion

Establish, from the design, the project management process
and spatial and constructive solutions for a building dedicated to the roommate.
Register in view of the changing uses
and urban temporalities.

To qualify the ambitions we pay for this project, we gave it a name: “Living in motion”.
Our ambition is to anticipate the current changes to meet the challenges and demands of “housing solutions”. Our project, on this small plot, is intended as a pilot project that we imagine decline at larger scale.
We imagine a principle of housing for young professionals starting out in their careers and are seeking a way to cheaper housing while enjoying privacy and comfort in everyday life, not being isolated and sharing spaces.
These people also contribute to strengthen the social diversity of a neighborhood still in the making.
This suburban neighborhood street Buzenval is characterized by heterogeneity building styles and with various functions. The mesh street is marked by a network of alleys dating from the nineteenth century that hosted housing workers and craft activities. Original mix that will serve as a reference.
Since the 1990s, when the area is suffering from a loss of business and a significant deterioration of buildings, many projects have insuflé new momentum and revitalized a neighborhood in early escheat, including the creation of the BIA the meeting. Followed Vignoles projects in the eastern sector, Planchat Vignoles, eco-neighborhood-Fréquel Hondarribia, the redevelopment of the rue d’Avron.
Our project is located in this dynamic by bringing new solutions to “live together”:

In the heart of urban life in intense pace, we propose an evolutionary building that adapts to different times of life. Interior spaces designed as brackets: intimate, friendly, shared, collective. These are times hanging in the heart of the movement.

  • Type: logement
  • State: concours
  • Year: 2015
  • City: Paris
  • Client: Ville de Paris
  • Area: 930 m2
  • Budget: 2 525 000
  • Team: La Superstructure, P. Gobert, C. Vuarnesson, G. Le Dévéhat, avec Inddigo, Facea
  • Delivery: Architecture, paysage