Tthe construction related to the development of environmental industries are attracting more and more participation of architects sought for various reasons. A client can not conceive the act of building in relation to the single cost of issuance. The architect often regarded as a producer of image must impose its ability to produce more than a pretty package, a quality space.

Industrial projects including those related to the environment are often the scene of confrontation where constraints are legions …

Congestion of the process, areas of gear changes, different streams of traffic, height necessary to discharge, lighting, odors, dust, fly ash.

These constraints are very strong chili, which forces them to think in depth about the operation, the cross flow, conditions of work.

In these functional constraints are compounded by the environmental constraints, often very strong. Indeed, I am convinced that more activity of a plant has an a priori negative image, the image it gives of them must be valued.

It is primarily through its building of such an activity gives a professional image of the operator.

Buildings should provide an extra dimension to both technical and territorial.

Do not forget the educational value of such a project.

At a time when the environment and its products (including waste) are becoming key issues for decades to come, the visit of this type of equipment is extremely important. Raising children in the process of elimination and recovery of what he also produced, will make centers more efficient.

It is obvious that the building must be visited in the image of the process, efficient, modern, integrated into the landscape and easily identifiable.